Conto Previdente Plus

Which are the characteristics:

Tax deductibility

pursuant to Art. 14, para. 1c
law 166/2013

CARISP Accumulation Plan

create your cumulative pension

Your future starts today

Think about your future and create your supplementary pension with Conto Previdente Plus.

Conto Previdente Plus is a flexible retirement savings plan that allows you to choose the duration, frequency and amount of your payments.

In addition to the excellent financial returns on the capital set aside, Conto Previdente Plus guarantees you tax deductibility in your tax return for the sums paid in, up to a maximum of € 4,000 per year.

Conto Previdente and Conto Previdente Plus are not mutually exclusive products: they go hand in hand and, given their different time frames, they complement and support the accumulation of your future assets.

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