Retirees Bank Account

Which are the characteristics:

Free credit card

There are no fees to pay in the first year and you get the free SMS Alert service


Annual fee discounted by 50%

Credit limit up to € 3000

With no application and review charges

Enhance your pension

If you are a member of one of the three San Marino trade unions and your pension is credited directly to your account every month, you are entitled to a current account with the following conditions for only € 1.33 a month (€ 16 a year):

  • Free credit card for the 1st year, with SMS Alert services and multi-risk insurance
  • Cartazzurra annual fee 50% discount
  • Credit limit up to € 3000 with no application and review charges
  • Subsidised debit and credit rates

The offer also grants you a 50% discount on all safety deposit boxes.

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