Generation Z2K calendar 2020

“Generation Z”

“Generation Z”, the group of young people that sociology defines as those born between the end of 1997 and 2010 – digital natives who grew up on the web, with the internet and social media – is characterised by a strong focus on corporate social responsibility, the environment, sharing, digitalisation and innovation, and will have a key future in society, guiding the country’s future choices and finance.

“In this complex project, Cassa di Risparmio has chosen to focus on those born in 2000, who will turn “Twenty Years” old in 2020, to capture them in an exhibition of photographs that will be the theme of the 2020 Calendar and Diary, and lastly to make them the subject of a sociological study. This has been achieved by involving young San Marino professionals who are distinguished by their outstanding educational background and innovative and artistic vision,” said the bank’s Chairman.

As well as highlighting young people, Simone Maria Fiorani’s photographs provide a visual focus on iconic places in the area and on culture. We will recognise some familiar sights in these photographs, including the Library, the State Archives, the University, the National Gallery of San Marino and our country’s border.

The much broader Generation Z2K project provides an opportunity to learn about the thoughts and ambitions of our young people regarding their future and that of our Republic, and to carry their dreams towards a tangible reality of possibilities that Cassa di Risparmio wants to share.

Starting in early 2019, Cassa di Risparmio conceived the project and organised the planning stages (talking to young people, selecting locations, photographs, video interviews and questionnaires) with the support of the Cultural Institutes and in collaboration with Nunzia Ponsillo for graphic design, Luca Lazzari for the video interviews, Roberto Ercolani for the sociological study and Giovanni Vincenzi as curator of the exhibition.

With this operation, which involved 106 young people, Cassa di Risparmio reaffirms its constant commitment to implementing actions of value, social and cultural significance, and confirms its role as the bank that has always been handed down from generation to generation.

Over time, these images of “Generation Z”, with their facial features and San Marino roots, will acquire inestimable visual value and become a historical record in black and white, interspersed with contemporary yellow tones, of a forward-looking vision of a better tomorrow.

COMING SOON video interviews with the guys from GENERATION Z2K