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Cassa di Risparmio is the San Marino bank created to offer clients security and innovative products in the economic and financial management of their assets. Its primacy in these areas is the result of a combination of values that make it unique.

We are a robust and dynamic bank and market leader in San Marino, with the ability to provide personalised, effective and confidential solutions to our clients’ needs.

Bank accounts

Businesses Bank Account

The service that offers companies numerous innovative solutions for the development of projects and business ideas

Retirees Bank Account

If you are a member of one of the three San Marino trade unions, enhance your pension

Privates Bank Account

The Conto Corrente Privati offers a wide range of products and services designed to accompany you every day!


Easy, intuitive and, above all, environmentally friendly. No more queuing at the branch

Conto Until 26

GoGiovane: Until 26 is the account dedicated to all young people between the ages of 18 and 26

Conto Futuro

Conto Futuro supports your children from 0 to 18 years, offering a fixed annual return


Never had a current account with Carisp or are you a former customer? Discover the exceptional benefits

Conto Until 18

GoGiovane: Until 18 is an easy and dynamic account designed for our younger clients

Payment instruments

Credit Card T.P@Y

T.P@Y is the first payment institution under San Marino law, officially operating in the territory of San Marino.

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Increase the security of your purchases and constantly monitor your spending

Debit Card

The Carisp Debit Card can be used all over the world, thanks to its dual technology


Cartazzurra can be used worldwide, thanks to its dual technology (magnetic stripe and chip)

Online services

Welly Businesses

Welly Aziende is the service dedicated to companies that gives you online access to your bank branch, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


With WellyApp, your operations become even smarter

Welly Privates

The remote banking service that allows you to access your branch online, 24 hours a day

Loans and financing

Photovoltaic financing

The new product dedicated to corporate and private clients for the purchase of photovoltaic panels.

Unsecured Business Loan

The Unsecured Loan is mainly intended for businesses, such as for the purchase of equipment and machinery

First Home Loan

The subsidised mortgage for San Marino citizens who want to buy, build or renovate their first home.

Fixed Rate First Home Loan

The mortgage that allows you to buy, build or renovate your first home, reserved for San Marino residents

Personal Loan

Whether it’s for the purchase of a new car or a special trip, we are always there to offer you various financing solutions

Reliance on Bank Account

Cassa di Risparmio gives you the flexibility to operate with a negative balance on your current account.


Very soon is Cassa di Risparmio’s consumer loan plan designed to make your wishes come true


Leasing is the right solution for you, thanks to an advantageous and customised offer

Savings and investments

Conto Previdente e Conto Previdente Plus

Conto Previdente Plus is a flexible retirement savings plan that allows you to choose the duration, frequency and amount of your payments.

Conto Previdente

Conto Previdente is a flexible product, which allows you to choose the amount, duration and frequency of your payments.

Private Banking

The Private Banking service provides you with financial advisers to make investment recommendations that best suit your needs

Management Movable Patrimonials

Do you want to delegate the management of your savings with peace of mind without having to deal with the ups and downs of the financial markets every day?

Mutual funds

Cassa di Risparmio offers you a wide choice of mutual funds. Choose your fund, build your assets.

Carisp Bonds

A secure and profitable investment… guaranteed by Cassa di Risparmio! Visit one of our branches now and find out the return on your funds.

Government bonds of the Republic of San Marino

A long-term investment for the diversification of your savings with the guarantee of the State of the Republic of San Marino.

Repurchase Agreements

A financial instrument that allows you to tie up your savings in a secure and transparent way, knowing in advance what the return will be.

Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit are the answer to your need for security and high returns

Other services

Virtual POS

With Cassa di Risparmio’s Virtual POS, you sell online and cash the money directly into your current account


In a single POS, you can activate all SmaCard services and save the cost of an additional terminal.

Foreign Service

Transfers to international countries are simple, fast and secure, and we offer you all the solutions you need.

SBF Commercial Portfolio and Advance Invoices

Small businesses, companies and commercial firms can issue bank receipts or SDDs to collect their trade receivables.