Easy, intuitive, green

Which are the characteristics:

The online account created to save

Easy, intuitive and, above all, environmentally friendly. Every operation is waste-free: no more paper documents, no more queues at the counter!

Econline is intended for all private individuals, while EconlinePro is designed for economic operators, self-employed professionals and small businesses.

With Econline and EconlinePro you operate free of charge from Welly/WellyApp and use all the Cassa’s state-of-the-art branches and ATMs.

Both have a small monthly fee, which includes:

  • Welly
  • WellyApp
  • Debit card
  • Prepaid card
  • Digital mail service



For private individuals, Econline is doubling and also becoming ZERO.
Your current account completely free of charge, including the services offered by Welly and WellyApp, and by the Cassa’s state-of-the-art branches and ATMs.
To be even greener, including in terms of costs!

The only requirement is the electronic crediting of your monthly salary.
An account that offers you the freedom to operate when, where and how you want.

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