of San Marino Repubblic

At present, the corporate structure consists of the Eccellentissima Camera della Repubblica di San Marino, as sole shareholder.

Corporate Governance


Carloalberto Giusti

Gianfranco Antonio Vento
(Director and CEO)

Stefano Bizzocchi

Vincent Cecchetti


Sara Pelliccioni

Rossana Michelotti
(Statutory Auditor)

Meris Montemaggi
(Statutory Auditor)


Luca Simoni
(General Manager)

Ercolani Mikela
(Deputy General Manager with Vicarious function)

Ceci Monica
(Deputy Manager Commercial and Credit)


The oldest bank
in San Marino Republic

A public limited company (Società per Azioni) since 14 July 2001, we now establish a modern, fast and effective relationship with all our stakeholders. We provide a range of efficient and innovative services, which have as their primary objective the protection of savings.

Asset management

Cassa di Risparmio is the San Marino bank created to offer clients security and innovative products in the economic and financial management of their assets. Its primacy in these areas is the result of a combination of values that make it unique.

The cornerstones of our work are the daily attention to the needs and demands of our clients and the continuous search for high standards of service through ongoing investment in technology to improve our products and services.

The centrality of the client as a founding principle of our business is reflected in the trust acknowledged and fully confirmed by our stakeholders.

More than 140 years of experience in the investment sector

For more than 140 years since our foundation, we have built on the experience that today distinguishes the quality of the service we offer, a quality that is evident above all in our ability to advise our clients on how best to invest their savings and manage their cash flows.

New York City’s Wall Street, ca 1910

Quality at the service of the Community

In the tradition of the best investment banks, it is our vision that sets us apart: a constant eye on market developments, innovation and quality at the service of the community, to support families and the local economy and make a tangible contribution to the growth of the country.

We are a robust and dynamic bank and market leader in San Marino, with the ability to provide personalised, effective and confidential solutions to our clients’ needs.

The high level of professionalism and expertise of our staff, who are our main point of contact with clients, is proof of this.

Together with You.
For the Growth of the Country

Clients and solution

Our primary objective is customer satisfaction. We pay particular attention to the customisation of solutions, tailored to the needs of the client and the local area.
We offer a wide range of products and services for all types of private, business and professional clients

Consolidating and improving

We meet our clients’ needs with efficiency and versatility, with the quality of our services, the efficiency of our organisation and the continuous updating of our skills.
Every year, we invest in the professional development of our staff to ensure that we offer our clients an ever better level of service.

Continuing to grow

Thanks to more than 140 years of experience and efficiency levels equal to those of the best banks, we intend to consolidate our presence in the San Marino market, on the strength of the quality of the products and services we offer.

The Cassa and culture

Music, art and the local community
We play an active role in enhancing the cultural heritage of the Republic of San Marino by organising exhibitions and artistic events, promoting music and theatre seasons and improvement projects in the local area

The Cassa and sport

Young people and sports engagement
We encourage the engagement of young San Marino citizens through ongoing support for numerous sports disciplines and by financing “Giochiamo allo Sport” (“Let’s Play Sport”), an annual initiative involving primary and secondary school students

The Cassa and the social sector

The elderly, volunteering and charity
We donate to voluntary organisations and we fund vital equipment that benefits citizens’ health

For the social

As the first bank established in the Republic of San Marino, we have kept in our DNA the pioneering spirit that has driven us for over 140 years and that commits us to the development of the country as part of a social, economic and cultural project.

This important stance demonstrates the role of great responsibility held by the Cassa towards the State and its citizens, which over the years has resulted in actions aimed at enhancing the activities of San Marino and promoting its image to the outside world.

Attention to the customer and enhancement of the local area

Established on 1 January 1882, we are the Republic of San Marino’s oldest bank. Since our founding, we have had a strong commitment to the country’s economic and social development and to promoting important initiatives aimed at enhancing the Republic’s cultural and social heritage.

The enhancement of the territory’s cultural heritage has focused on several areas:

  • architectural works donated to the community;
  • major public health computerisation projects (Cartazzurra in the 1990s) and donations of highly specialised equipment;
  • cultural exhibitions

These represent our constant commitment to society, owing in part to the contribution of the Fondazione San Marino Cassa di Risparmio – SUMS, for a long time our sole and later majority shareholder.

Financial statements

The financial statements of the Cassa di Risparmio della Repubblica di San Marino


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