To access your account directly from home

Which are the characteristics:

The Welly service dedicated to Private Individuals

Welly Privati is the remote banking service that allows you to access your bank branch online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
By entering your personal code and password, you can use Welly to access your online current account from the comfort of your home or office, monitor your movements of funds and carry out transactions.

Welly Privati informs you in real time about:

  • movements of funds, balances and details of accounting operations on your account
  • historical record of every cheque issued
  • your Certificates of Deposit
  • your investments in securities (bonds, shares, etc.)
  • repurchase Agreements

With Welly, you can:

  • top up your mobile
  • make SEPA transfers and check their status
  • pay outstanding bills
  • send orders to buy or sell securities
  • build your own personal securities list
  • view and print entries of movements of funds
  • statement of payments made with the debit card
  • possibility of freezing the debit card
  • use the Family Budget feature to help manage your income and expenditure
  • download and print all correspondence sent by Cassa di Risparmio in electronic PDF format

Security of the service:

  • double access codes: user ID and password
  • regular security tests on Welly
  • monitoring of abnormal behaviour
  • storage of the history of all transactions
  • pages encrypted with 128-bit SSL technology
  • verification of authorisation for significant transactions

Worried about losing your password or having it stolen? You can receive your device password by text message, which changes every time and is valid for a limited period of time.

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