Asset Securities Management

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Which are the characteristics:

Do you want to delegate the management of your savings with peace of mind without having to deal with the ups and downs of the financial markets every day?

Asset Management is the solution for you.

You decide on the investment objectives, risk appetite and time frame with your private asset manager in order to identify the management line best suited to your profile.

Opting for a Cassa di Risparmio Asset Management scheme will reward you in terms of profitability through efficient portfolio diversification and allow you to enjoy access to your savings without time constraints.

In order to best meet your needs, you can choose from the following lines:

♦ Monetary line: ideal for those with a low risk profile and a short-term time frame.

♦ Balanced line: designed for those whose objective is the growth of their assets and who wish to participate in financial market trends through a maximum equity component of 30%.

♦ Absolute Return Line: ideal for those whose objective is to grow their assets and seek positive returns in any market conditions, through active and flexible strategies with continuous risk control.

♦ Flex Coupon Line: a new flexible line in mutual funds and ETFs in the “income distribution” category. The distinctive feature of the Flex Coupon Line is the disbursement of a quarterly coupon generated by the financial instruments that make up the line.

♦ Active Portfolio Plus Line: designed for those who want a dynamic line, capable of seizing the opportunities of the global stock market


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