To access your account directly from the office

Which are the characteristics:

The Welly service dedicated to Companies

Welly Aziende is the service dedicated to companies that gives you online access to your bank branch, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
By entering your personal code and password, you can check your bank statement online from the comfort of your home or office via the Welly Aziende service, monitor your bank transactions and make transfers.

Welly Aziende informs you about:

  • movements of funds, balances and accounting operations on your account
  • payments due
  • ten-year history of bank receipts and direct debits
  • current status (bank receipts and unpaid direct debits)
  • outcome of instructions sent
  • securities dossier
  • payments collected through your POS

Via Welly you can:

  • make SEPA transfers and account-to-account transfers
  • pay salaries
  • deposit funds for outstanding bills at Cassa di Risparmio branches
  • view your portfolio of bank receipts and direct debits
  • make international bank transfers
  • enter payment notices (bank receipts)

Speak to the service manager any of our branches to discuss the product and for ongoing support.

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