Future Bank Account

The evolution of the piggy bank

Which are the characteristics:

How should you invest your child’s savings?

Conto Futuro is the Cassa di Risparmio account that supports your children from 0 to 18 years of age, offering a fixed annual return.

Conto Futuro allows you to make deposits and tie up the capital until your child reaches 18.

An interest-bearing piggy bank, completely free of charge, to set aside sums of money that your son or daughter can use when they reach 18, to go to university or enter the world of work with confidence.

A deposit into the Conto Futuro “piggy bank” can be a welcome and clever gift to mark important anniversaries.

We’ll give you your first gift: a € 50 deposit to all newborn babies resident in San Marino who have a Conto Futuro opened for them within 6 months of birth.

Throughout 2021, we’re guaranteeing you a rate of return of 0.60% gross.

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