Which are the characteristics:

Card with IBAN

Receive top-up from whoever you want directly on the personal IBAN of your card


Receive quick assistance from the payment institution
BKN301 on 0549-943886

Safe system

Approve payments with Recognition (SCA) and Security (3DS2) systems

App BKN301

On the BKN301 App you can check all your transactions, set spending limits and block or unblock your card

BKN301 Debit

The MC Debit debit card, launched by the Sammarinese Payment Institute BKN301, is the new contactless card for making purchases online, offline at home or while travelling.
The card is also equipped with a personal IBAN code, MC Debit holders can therefore receive top-ups from anyone and at any time.
Top up your card quickly via your home banking web station.

With MC Debit you can:
– Buy in any e-commerce and point of sale in the world with a single or rapid purchase flow
– Approve payments with recognition systems (SCA) and security systems (3DS2)
– Get reimbursed for unauthorized expenses
– Use the SMS alert service

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App BKN301

Download the new BKN301 App, on the Apple Store or Google Play, to enjoy fully updated navigation, the new features allow you to:
– Consult all your payments and receipts
– Enable or disable purchases based on the available channels (POS, ATM, online)
– Set spending limits
– Block and unblock cards001040183


Contact support

The BKN301 Customer Service is active from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 18.00. For card blocking, information and assistance, call 0549 943886.

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